About this Runbook

The MobileCoin Consensus Validator is a vital part of a scalable service infrastructure that enables a smartphone to manage a privacy-preserving cryptocurrency with locally-stored cryptographic keys. A Consensus Validator node is one type of node that runs in the MobileCoin ecosystem. The Consensus Validator node runs Intel’s Software Guard eXtensions (SGX), which provides defense-in-depth improvements to privacy and trust. The MobileCoin Consensus Validator is part of the MobileCoin Network, an open-source software ecosystem. This manual contains a comprehensive overview of MobileCoin Consensus Validator and instructions on how to set up and manage a remote Consensus Validator node on the MobileCoin Network.

For more information about the MobileCoin Network, check out the MobileCoin Ecosystem - a brief document about the MobileCoin open-source software network.

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