Common Errors

Common ErrorError MessageSolution


“ConsensusEnclave::peer_accept failed: Attested AKE error: Handshake error: The IAS report could not be verified: Error verifying the quote contents: The quote could not be verified: The quote's report could not be verified”

“Verifying your MRENCLAVE value, and software version”


UTC CRIT thread main on /usr/bin/consensus-service panicked! panicked at 'Failed starting consensus service :-(: ReportCache(RaClient(Reqwest(reqwest::Error { kind: Status(401), url: "" })))', consensus/service/src/bin/

Verify your IAS credentials, both the IAS_API_KEY and the IAS_SPID, as well as the IAS_MODE=PROD.


Firmware out of date, BIOS out of date



Note: The signer is the measurement that links the enclave back to the foundation (who signed it).

Quorum Sets

Out-of-date error (halting or forking)

Failure to retrieve block from S3

Wait a little longer. (This is a self-recovering error, but can be unsettling.)

SSL certificate errors


One of the peers you are connecting to has an expired or misconfigured SSL certificate.

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