Send Transaction

Step 1: Start mobilecoind to sync the ledger and connect to Consensus Validators

Check out the latest release of the mobilecoin repo

Step 2: Open up ./ to see how to build and run mobilecoind with the latest commands and CSS file from S3

${TARGETDIR}/mobilecoind \
        --ledger-db /tmp/ledger-db \
        --poll-interval 10 \
        --peer mc:// \
        --peer mc:// \
        --tx-source-url \
        --tx-source-url \
        --mobilecoind-db /tmp/transaction-db \
        --service-port 4444 &> $(pwd)/mobilecoind.log &

The log will show messages related to syncing the ledger. When it has finished syncing, you will see messages such as:

2020-07-24 22:34:20.092996 UTC DEBG Polling finished, current results:
{ResponderId(""): Some(43694), 
ResponderId(""): Some(43694)}, 
mobilecoind, mc.module: mc_ledger_sync::polling_network_state, mc.src:
2020-07-24 22:34:20.093014 UTC TRCE Sleeping, num_blocks = 43695..., mobilecoind, mc.module: mc_ledger_sync::ledger_sync_service_thread,
mc.src: ledger/sync/src/

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