Signing Consensus Messages

Each consensus validator node signs the consensus messages that it emits, using the Ed25519 msg-signer-key parameter passed to consensus.

To obtain this key, use the following code:

openssl genpkey -algorithm ed25519 -out msg-signer.key

The base64 string in the pem file may be copied directly into the msg-signer-key parameter value, for example:

--msg-signer-key MC4CAQAwBQYDK2VwBCIEIJVq95XBwx7XpKnDElrxlL/dwNer0EqKc2igPojJSxHV

Next, provide the corresponding public key to peers, who want you included in their broadcast_peers specification in the network.toml. This public key must be URL-safe base64 encoded. You can perform this transformation with the following code:

openssl pkey -in msg-signer-key.pem -pubout | sed 's/+/-/g; s/\//_/g'

Finally, publish the following broadcast_peer public URI:


The msg-signer-key is private and should be safeguarded with best practices because anyone with this key could impersonate you and send consensus messages as though they were emitted from your node.

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